Icheon Ceramics Festival



Friday 28 April 2017 to Sunday 14 May 2017

With almost 1,000 years of ceramics history, Icheon, sister city of Limoges, presents its 31st Ceramics Festival, a representative festival of the area. The festival introduces cheongja (celadon), baekja (white porcelain), buncheongsagi (grayish blue-powdered celadon) and other premium Korean celadon products as well as various celadon-related hands-on programs. In particular, visitors can participate in popular activity programs such as discovering ceramics and painting on them. The area is also well-known for hot its springs, once frequented by kings of the Joseon era (1392-1910), where visitors relax while on tour.

Emplacement : 
Icheon, Gyeonggi