Inauguration of the Union endowment Fund

Thursday 13 April 2017

The Union endowment Fund, chaired by the ceramist Christian Couty, was inaugurated on April 13th 2017 at Porcelaines de La Fabrique in Saint-Brice-sur-Vienne. Its objective is to achieve every initiative in the field of contemporary performing artistic and cultural creation, to promote and develop the education and scientific research in terms of artistic, cultural, industrial creation and porcelain arts.

The founders are the Théâtre de l'Union - National Dramatic Center of Limousin, Esprit Porcelaine, la Coop Atlantique, le Crédit coopératif and Porcelaines de La Fabrique  directed by Daniel Betoule, who once more opened his doors to an artist, the Korean ceramist Minjung Kang. Invited by The Union endowment Fund, she made the face prints of the seventeen comedians of the Limousin theatre school at the Le Mas Jambost high school.

She then conceived at Porcelaines de La Fabrique the first milestones of the future theatrical creation of Jean-Lambert-wild, Lorenzo Malaguerra, Stéphane Blanquet and Jean-Luc Therminarias - Peter's feast according to Don Juan - in which academicians of the theater school will take part. In the famous scene of the Commander of Peter, some comedians will be wearing porcelain masks, like demons out of the forest. Minjung Kang is currently continuing her research and creation work on the basis of the aesthetics of traditional Korean masks.

At last, new explorations will be conducted to incorporate in the setting of this theatrical adventure porcelain luminous engravings and porcelain elements that will decorate the Don Juan incarnated by Jean Lambert-wild.