Richard III Tour

Thursday 28 September 2017 to Thursday 15 February 2018

A bedridden clown is faced with his own reflection: a shape-shifting female double that projects the image of his own diffracted self onto the walls of his cell. This double, both his twin and his enemy, summons a funfair and a throng of versatile ghosts intended for him alone. With many tricks up her sleeve, she waves these disturbingly externalized yet immaterial phantoms at him.

The puppets come alive, start to talk and bring a whole world into being, both real and fantasized; for together they aim to create their own Richard III. 


For this play created in Limoges at the Théâtre de l'Union and soon to be on an international tour, a custom porcelain armor was made for the character of Richard III.

Emplacement : 
Centre Dramatique National du Limousin
Rue des coopérateurs
87000 Limoges